Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 out of 4 is DONE!!!

First of all...I come home at noon to see Dean's passport has arrived. Ok--don't just add this all up to good timing...the timing is way too good. We have been told several times that all things would come together right at the last minute.

Here we have it: Funds, I600A approval, Dean's passport. We are now only waiting on the court date in Solwezi.

Here is the email exchange from today:

Hi Victor,
Thanks so much for your proffessional advise.I have called the sister for the Pertitioner to bring the father to the children to Solwezi to fill the consent documents.
You live to the fact that that document can only be signed by Class 1 magistrate.Zambezi district has a class 3 magistrate.Therefore he has to come to Solwezi.
This will be done on Monday.
I always appreciate your guidance and prompt response to assighnments.

Hello sir,
I have thoroughly analysed the social welfare report and other documents which were submitted on behalf of Dean and Janice. I have noted that there is no concent form which is supposed to be signed by the Father. In this regard, kindly inform the Social Welfare Officer, Zambezi to ensure that the consent form is sgned by the father and the Magistrate.
Meanwhile please advise the Applicants to exercise maximum patience.
With regards

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