Saturday, February 27, 2010

Though the world sees and soon forgets...

You have no idea how much this song has spoken to me. No ... how much God has spoken to me through this song. If you have been following the was on my flight from Lusaka to London that I was almost plagued with the song for hours ... til I finally sat down and listened to it on my iPod and said "ok. I won't forget who You are and what You've done for us". ....

So I got a run down from a lady that recently adopted from Zambia on the time line of necessary things/paperwork filings etc from Court to be able to leave the country and come home. She was in Lusaka the entire time...ON THE CASE...and it was 18 business days for her. Thats...almost 4 wks including weekends.


I just got her note today as I asked her last night. Honestly I felt a tad bit of "ok God....what now?" I don't want to leave our children for 4 wks. We cannot (seemingly) leave our children for 4 wks. We have to work. We have to care for our family. Right now the tentative plan (based on hypothetical dates) is that my parents come to care for the children but their time is quite limited...and I felt like screaming AHHHHHHHHHHH. Instead I went up to our room...and sat on the side of the tub and in complete silence...I heard something. Have a guess....?

"Though the world sees and soon forgets...we will not forget who You are and what You've done for us......though the world sees and soon forgets ... we will NOT forget who You are and what You've done for us!!"....

I stood and instantly said "oh...thats what this is about...yes I've seen what You've done. Just like Israel did...and how soon we forget and doubt what you CAN do and how you will take care of us".... I will not forget who He is and what He has done for us. Its faith. Sorry ... that's all I have. I'm not blind. I know the facts. I have the documents. We are prepared but 90% of this is out of our hands. I will trust in You.

If I can for my much does He? One of the verses that kept coming to me on my trip to Africa was "if you ask your father for bread, would he give you a stone?...(paraphrased)...He cares. He loves. He knows. He's got it. And even when it seems my world is shaking...Heaven stands. (great song btw by JJ Keller).

No I know no more than that. I have asked Chrissy for his rundown of the time frames but do know he tends to exaggerate to make things look a tad smoother than they are. God I trust in You.

If you think of us...Pray for us.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank you Friend.

A friend sent me this verse and ... yeah. It says it all:

Deut. 10:21

He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.

3 out of 4 is DONE!!!

First of all...I come home at noon to see Dean's passport has arrived. Ok--don't just add this all up to good timing...the timing is way too good. We have been told several times that all things would come together right at the last minute.

Here we have it: Funds, I600A approval, Dean's passport. We are now only waiting on the court date in Solwezi.

Here is the email exchange from today:

Hi Victor,
Thanks so much for your proffessional advise.I have called the sister for the Pertitioner to bring the father to the children to Solwezi to fill the consent documents.
You live to the fact that that document can only be signed by Class 1 magistrate.Zambezi district has a class 3 magistrate.Therefore he has to come to Solwezi.
This will be done on Monday.
I always appreciate your guidance and prompt response to assighnments.

Hello sir,
I have thoroughly analysed the social welfare report and other documents which were submitted on behalf of Dean and Janice. I have noted that there is no concent form which is supposed to be signed by the Father. In this regard, kindly inform the Social Welfare Officer, Zambezi to ensure that the consent form is sgned by the father and the Magistrate.
Meanwhile please advise the Applicants to exercise maximum patience.
With regards

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok so the most annoying thing about this post is that you have to start at the BOTTOM to see the pics in the right order :)

We are getting there!

This was my email from Chrissy this morning (forwarded to me)

Hi Victor (Senior Juvenile Inspector),
Following our telephone conversation today concerning the above captioned matter,I urge to remind you to process the file tomorrow as you promised.The Pertitioners are anxiously waiting to have the process done at the earliest.The children have been looking forward to be with the adoptive parents.
Please act urgently.

We are excited because we are getting there!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugar and spice..

and all things nice. Yes thats what I was to Mr. Chrissy tonight :) I called him and decided to really tell him how much we appreciate all his work, thanks to Tanis' advice. He explained that the juvenile guy he talks about in his email is the person that reviews and approves him to move ahead based on all the paperwork we submitted...THEN he is free to get us a court date. Ok so thats what I understood. 10% sounded like it was in English...and I caught the words necessary to get the picture. He says 'today' so when I wake up tomorrow...I'll have another update from him.

It was good. He said how very welcome we are for all his work and even passed on his kind regards to "Mr Walker please" as well ;)

My weakness. His strength.

So today I was very aware of my weakness. My impatience. Anger. Frustration. Maybe even some anxiety to top it off. It all hit me today and I was spinning. In my drive to bring Tirzah to school (often a time for me to sit. Quiet. Pray.) I realized my wrong. Confessed it. And suddenly smiled thinking of me in my weakness...slamming into this solid wall of His strength. He's got it. There's no anxiety. No frustration. No anger. No impatience. Ahhhhhhh. Meet peace. No, Peace. ahhhhhhh.

Good thing God's got this!!!

This is my email from Chris:

Hi Mr and Mrs Walker,
Am very happy to have heard from you and your concern that we hasten the process of adoption.You are live to the fact that each and every system has its own bottlenecks here and there.Am also very concerned about the plight of the children here.I want them to have a family that will adopt them so that at the end of the day they will have a sense of belonging.
My juvenile inspector just came back today from Lusaka to pursue the same issue.He was told that we should wait for a week since the dealing officer is in South Africa.
We are trying our best but you should realize that we are dealing with sensitive issue(adoption).
As an office,we shall notify you as soon as possible when you have to prepare to come.
I have made another appointment tomorrow with the office of the Commissioner for Juvenile Welfare.
I will be able to give you another update tomorrow.
Greetings to you all.

As usual leaving us more baffled than ever. Who the juvenile inspector is -- we have no clue. I'll call him again tonight and see if we can get more info as to what is going on. They have not been 'working on this case' in fact every time we call them it seems like we remind them we are waiting.


Monday, February 22, 2010


I just decided to call Chris back even though Tanis spoke to him after I did and said he was a little "stand - offish"...he was very nice to me and said...drumroll...."I will email you at 1600 hours today with a court should not be a problem to have you a court date for next Friday". This is the first time my faith is weak. Not in God. But in Chris. Hmm we'll see :)

Good night.

News. Some news. Good news.

I called Tanis tonight after getting a text from her this morning saying she had a very frustrating day.

Oh...the story. Only Africa. She took C and Z's birth father to Zambezi (50 km of the world's worst 'roads') to sign documents...only to be told to wait 2 hours til the Magistrate was able to see them...only to then be told that no this was not the right place to sign such documents etc. That on top of several other big issues with their trip and they all went home and couldn't wait to call it 'a day' :(

I just called Chris our social worker in Solwezi. Weirdly he answered the phone "Hello Miss Janice Walker"... (???) I asked him if we could go back to plan A which was having the boys' biological dad come with us to court and sign his documents there. I was asked to repeat my question 3 times. Then he said "What are you saying Miss Janice?" .... ?? ahh. Forget it. I started a new question. "Do you still forsee us coming next week for our court date?" and wouldn't you know it... the line went dead. I immediately called Tanis back and told her I just spoke to him and to try calling him and asking him the question.

Good news while I wait to hear from Tanis is I just looked up our bank account records and see that on Feb 16 Dean's passport payment was processed!! Aside from the court date that is something we are waiting on before we can leave.

So thats our news. Some news. Some good news.

God--this is Yours. We are so glad you are not only in control but you are guiding every step...with so much bring these precious orphans home.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Every day we pray and wait.

We are so excited about C and Z coming home. You simply have no idea. Are we 'ready'? well thats all a matter of perspective. Emotionally YES we are ready. We have one mattress on the boys' floor that boy Zion and Azlan sleep in we have major work to do in their room. We are really pretty sold on the Ikea Mammut (kinda plastic) set. Its adorable, durable and we can do 4 beds in the room b/c Mama really...hates bunkbeds. :) So we are planning on going to Seattle March 1 -- we hope to take a look at Ikea and make the decision then. The boys are very excited and have decided Mama should paint their room with robots. Funky, cartoony robots. That's the plan.

One of the biggest blessings has been the lack of anxiety. When you KNOW God is in control of a major part of your life...there is such a deep peace and security in leaving it with Him. Yes we are still planning on travelling in March. No we do not have a court date. No we are not stressed about it. Yes we will be ready to drop everything and go when we get the date. It will be one of the most magical moments of our lives as become mama and daddy to two little boys born a world a poor village...that all along God knew would sometime be our little boys. I love you C and Z. We cannot wait to bring you home and call you ours.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We got it We got it!!!

Ok of our list of 4 things we need before we can go to Africa...we got the second one approved today!!

The four things are:

1)Dean's Passport---waiting on it to arrive
3)I600A (US Immigration approval that we can adopt and bring our boys home
4)Court Date in Solwezi

We have the funds and we have now received the I600A!!!! I'm so excited!!!

One the of the best parts about this process has been the huge growth in faith for me. I have not been stressed or anxious at all (aside from having to surrendor my major fears on the flight) because from the beginning we have known this was God's deal. Here the pieces are all coming together at the right time. Just this morning bringing Tirzah to school I prayed in the car that we would receive our approval soon. Now we are praying about Dean's passport and the court date.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My word this week: Humbled.

Completely totally humbled. We set our pride aside and let our needs be known about the adoption and God showed up in such a huge way.

We have been given $8085.50. We are still speechless. God has provided for this adoption since day 1, consistently confirming we are right where we should be, doing exactly what he wants.

To those of you who gave...I hope you get to meet two little boys from the heart of Africa someday, who just by the sparkle in their eyes, thank you personally, for bringing them home. Thank you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The African Doll.

The story: The one thing Tirzah wanted mama to bring her home was "a black doll from Africa". You know...we couldn't find one anywhere. Airport. Market. Stores. No little African doll.

So I bought her other things. African purse, necklace. But it was the doll she wanted. She was fine, I told her there were none.

2 days after I came home I brought Tirzah to school at 8 am...came home...and when I left the house at 11am...there was a "Walmart" grocery bag on my door knob...inside was a very authentic African doll. Stiff. Hand made. All in authentic clothes.

No note. Nothing. No one knocked or rang the bell. We were home and down stairs all morning.

Its now been 1.5 comments from anyone.

Was it Heaven sent?

I'll take it as that. If you gave it...thank you. It was pretty fun and for Tirzah, she kept asking who gave it...I told her I had no idea but that she had asked God for she should thank him for it.

A mystery. :)

Melt me.

Today after church we had a text from Tanis to call so we did. The boys were asking a lot for
"mama" and wanted to say hi. :) She said every day they are asking "is this the day mama is coming for us?" everytime the plane comes in they ask "is this mama coming to get us?". Ok. Melt me. How could I really have had that big of an impact in 11 days....? God was so working bigtime. So here we are, again, waiting. Honestly every little aspect (big aspects) are going to come all down to the wire. We are still waiting on our I600 approval--though with recent correspondence we are hopeful that a positive answer will soon arrive. We are still waiting on Chris to get us the court date. We are still raising money. Everyone told me that adoption can be the ultimate faith test. Here we are. "be anxious for nothing." Ok. We are making the choice to not be anxious. Instead we keep praying. Keep waiting. Keep trusting that God's got it all.

I will have an update on the finances tomorrow morning from Lifesong. Last we checked we were at a total of $1900 (including the grant) raised. We need a minimum of $7500 by the time we leave in early March.

To those of you that gave: we are so touched. Thankful. Just plain humbled by your gifts. Your heart for 'the fatherless'. God gave me something this morning. I know to many of you this is a verse you know well...same here. But when I read it, I cried. I knew it was for me. I think so much thought goes into "the transition". People asking "are you sure this is what you want to do?" etc.... that even though we knew this is what God told us and led us to do--some things can slip in. This totally brought my heart to its knees this morning. Mark 9:37 "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name....welcomes Me..." God's heart is touched for the orphan. The fatherless.

C and Z...we are coming. We will not leave you as orphans.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I thought I slept horrible in Africa!!!

AHHHHHHHHH. My body is going crazy. I'm falling helplessly asleep at 8pm...thats not ok. Thats when my kids go to bed. I wake at 4 am ready for the day. You have got to be kidding me. This morning I kept pushing myself back to sleep and at 6 had enough...with weird morning dreams. I really hope this plans on sorting itself out soon.