Sunday, January 31, 2010

They are....bald!!

:) I spoke with Tanis yesterday...and C and Z on skype. I noticed a difference that they totally were excited to talk to Mama! Especially Z. He's got the shyer voice but he yelled out "HI MAMA" :)

Tanis got their hair cut then came home and did what she has been tempted to do. She totally shaved them with a razor!! hahha. She loves it. I'm sure they look adorable. Honestly..their kind of impossible. Don't think 'cool afro' think tight, dry, knots on their head. You are supposed to comb it so we did...and they cried. Both times the one Tanis combed, cried :( I kinda smiled.

I received an email from our social worker, Chris as well. He said they have not heard from the head office in Lusaka yet regarding our court date. We are still waiting and praying for early March.

**11 days left to give any amount towards the upcoming costs of our adoption and have your gift DOUBLED by a matching grant from Lifesong! Your gift is tax deductible and you can give it even via paypal. go to We estimate our expenses needed by March to be a minimum of $7500. **

Thank you to all of you for following our story and most importantly, praying with us.

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