Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On my way!!

I'm writing this update from Heathrow airport in London. First time over seas and wow what a flight. Honestly it was smooth. But it was a test, no lie. Middle of the night as everyone snored and I watched I LOVE LUCY...I felt serious panic. I was following that we were over Greenland or somewhere remote and it was dark and I was the only one awake besides a crying baby and mama....and I just felt stranded. :( I got up and walked around and prayed. Like the sincere prayer of God I need to feel you here now. I'm weak so no tests on the flight. Smooth flight and sleep and peace :)

I'm meeting up with a Mr and Mrs Clark from Ontario here in a bit and we'll be on the same flight.

I leave at 6:30 pst and my flight is one of the few not cancelled b/c welll they have a bit of snow :When my companions woke I quickly found out the lady sitting besides me is a WycliffBib le Missionary on her way to France to complete her PhD (in French) and has spent much time in several french speaking African Countries. I loved talking with her and appreciated her praying with me. We also sat next to a Doctor from Seattle Children's ... one that worked with Azlan's surgeon, Dr. Gruss. We had tons of fun for the last 2 hours...if only they were awake all night with me!!!

Seriously I feel weak and sick and just plain overtired and yah...missing my husband and children. Honestly...I'm not looking forward to another 10 hours on the plane tonight :( Pray for me. I have some serious surrendoring to do :( "How close can I get to my surrendor without losing all control...?" Yah thats me. Hate not feeling like I'm in control. Weird part is...I never am in control. He's got it and He's got me covered and if I can absorb that in the next hour or so tonight will be sweet peace.

C and Z I'm coming and I'm estatic about holding each of you!!

Dean--Tirzah, Zion, Azlan, and Azahria (who are still delighted about finding notes, chocolates and toys on their pillow from mama last night ;)...I love you all.

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