Sunday, January 3, 2010


Nine days. Ok so the nervousness is passing and the excitement is building. I have a fear of flying that I need to keep fighting -- but really I'm looking forward to this entire trip. This is the trip of a lifetime for me!!! I have dreammmeeed of going to Africa and definitely of adopting from Africa and really...will probably have bruises in random places from pinching myself!!

My list has expanded:
2 12v fans that plug into the cigarette lighter (invaluable for keeping cool in her house, Tanis tells me)
a soft cooler packed with fun food (who knew I could take that in my suitcase to Africa!?)...crab, shrimp, cheese and other things that are really expensive for Tanis there.


Also Tanis told me that my London to Lusaka flight I will be flying with a couple from Ontario Canada that are going to see their missionary daughter that works with Tanis. So she sent me their photo so I can recognize them in the airport ... and hopefully sit beside them and sleep for my 6 hour layover ;)

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  1. I assume that is Rhonda's parents who will be on your flight. I had heard they were going in January; how nice that you're on the same flight.

    I hope it all goes well for you—I think of you often!