Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 7

What a day - Day 7 was! So we woke in Chitokoloki and got packed ready
for the trip. I came with three FULL suitcases and am so far leaving
with one half full suitcase :) We are going shopping in Lusaka so we'll
see what I find :) Tan's truck was getting fixed by the mission
mechanic. It looked like everything was a go. Tanis and Tamako sat in
the front and C, Z and myself squished in the back with a million
pillows, snacks etc. We stopped by a few places to say good bye on our
way out. "Going to town" is a once a year trip for most of the
missionaries. Town is the Copper Belt and Lusaka.

The road...was hilarious. The whole time I kept picturing Mom Walker in
97 I think...laughing so hard with tears coming down her face on these
so-called-roads. Mix a Walker driver in there and its pretty funny.
The boys were loving it, I was holding on. Finally we got out of the
bush and on a dirt road which looked great, felt worse. It was so bumpy
that you hurt!! I was like WOAH this is going to feel like a long trip.
Not quite willing to go 'potty' in the bush...the others had no such
issues...I was holding on til Loloma. This is the mission that Tanis
spent her first 8 years in Zambia. We were greeted at Canada House by
Marion and Daisy. The house was absolutely GORGEOUS on the outside, I
loved it. We had lunch with them and then were on our way. So we
thought. The truck would not Daisy, Marion, Tamako and myself
push started it. Made for some laughs. Without turning the truck off we
said hello to Mr. and Mrs Beer and their family that I've heard much
about and a few others. We drove for hours. It was gorgeous. I loved it
all. I read a book for about 20 minutes...I didn't want to miss a
thing. Villages all along side the road and people walking on the road
at almost all times. Goats, pigs, cows, we saw it all. In the middle of
the road. The road suddenly turned into this gorgeous new road, still
unpaved but perfectly smooth. Tanis said China sends their prisoners to
third world countries and works on roads etc and China takes all the
wages. Not bad eh?? We PAY for our prisoners keep, China earns money off
them! So thats who is building these roads. Eventually the road turned
into pavement and that was heaven! Oh I should mention about 30 miles
outside of Loloma...the bumpy roads were difficult...and I had to go to
the bathroom again. I'm we'll stop eventually but I'm NOT
going in the bush. They all were amused at Janice and were wondering at
what point I'd cave. I didn't. At 5:45pm I said my window wouldn't go
up. I was freezing. We knew we were having serious battery issues...and
then we realized we were likely in trouble. I was wrapped in a fleece
blanket with my window down thinking...I have another hour of this??
Then at 6pm Tanis started going "uh oh uh oh" and the car died. That was
it. Tamako and I and a few passer by's got out and pushed to see if she
could push start it but NOTHING. Great. We were not far from a little
village with a little market so we pushed up to the market. Windows
open, 3 white women in a car, broken down. Great. Tan made a few calls
and the man where we were staying with in Solwezi (30 minutes out from
us) said he would try to find a battery and bring it to us. Well it got
dark, gorgeous lightning and we started thinking Great..we are going to
get poured on with no windows!! Remember... in all this it has now been
HOURS since 'yours truly' has had to go the bathroom... Tan decided to
feed the boys tuna snacks on crackers (ahhhhhh the smell!)..and
eventually at 7:30 Gideon came. It was PITCH black at that point. Dean
was being texted to pray for us--we actually had cell service which was
a life saver!. The new battery worked like a charm and we were on our
way! At this point...I'm in pain. 8 out of 10. I'm on like hour 5 of
really really having to go to the bathroom. yah I'm superhuman. LOL.
It was a 25 minute drive that was a little nerve wracking b/c there was
some traffic and its pitch black without knowing the road...the roads
are very very narrow as well. We finally made it.

The family had a beautiful dinner prepared and we all joined them. Then
we went off our own ways after discussing a few things about tomorrow.
Tan, myself and C and Z are in a guest house. It poured all night and
sounded awesome. Its now 7:30am and we are getting up to go join the
fam inside for breakfast. This family seems to be wealthy, in a gated
house that Tan said is only 2 years old. A bit about Solwezi...Tanis
said its the AIDS capital of Zambia. Ouch. She also said its the Soddom
and Gomorrah of Zambia. Ouch ouch. As soon as you enter the town you
see huge differences..../the women are in jeans. So far we've never seen
a women besides in a long skirt. Its very Americanized and night life
is huge. Mix that with Aids....and yah. Thats where we are. Sad.

This morning we are meeting with the Social workers and Gideon will come
and also go again tomorrow. He has pull and he knows it. He does not
believe he will have a problem getting us an early March court date.
Please pray because we need it.

The shower is honestly not looking very inviting...its definitely a
'sandals necessary' shower and doesn't even have a shower head...but we
are told it has hot water and my last three showers at Tan's house were thats worth something.

You know rereading this post it doesn't sound near as dramatic as it was
lol. But really...Tan did not speak their language...some spoke a bit of
English.It was getting dark. Three women in a car with no closed
windows. We were a pretty easy target :)

Ok...Here we go Day #8!! We need some progress today this is our day!!!
This whole trip was for this day and this visit in Solwezi!

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