Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 6

Starting with last night...Tanis could not believe that even after
taking 2 graval to go to sleep...it did not even make me drowsy! UGH. I
did play my ipod though and that must have helped. There was one point I
got pretty freaked out because I"m sure I heard Tan come into my room so
I grabbed my flashlight..yes its under my pillow... :)...and no one was
there. I called her, no answer. This happened once more and I was left
to simply trust God and give my fears up. I did and went back to sleep.
I woke in time to eat breakfast with C and Z and head them off to
school. I decided to go to the hospital with Tan this morning again
since I'm oh so brave :)

We did the rounds and I was delighted to see our patient in labor, was
still in labor. I was really wanting to see the delivery. We continued
with all our rounds as well as a tour of the kitchen and outside cookery
(pretty wild. Cooking over coals on the ground!). Then we swung by the
theatre (which is the weirdest word for the OR!! But its the British
term) and they were in the middle of surgery. They are all beckoning me
in but I decided to stay in the doorway assuring them they didn't need
to be distracted with scraping my limp body off the floor. To add
details they were showing me the 'tumor' they had taken off the
patient's ovaries. EW. They were all laughing, I snapped a few pics.
Then we were off to tea time. Its quite funny how during the surgery the
Doc is watching the clock as to not miss tea time ;) I got further
details on the tumor over tea...yes while we ate. Eww. These people are
wayyy to medical LOL.

At 10:20am we went and checked on the laboring patient and she was
indeed complete so I opted to hang out with the Zambian nurses and
midwife and watch this delivery. Ok. Not a nice delivery. In the end,
after the lady being complete for over 2 hours ... (Ahhh hah!!) Tanis
did a vacuum delivery and we got that little guy out. They were all
laughing at me b/c I'm tense as all get out...I mean I've been through
this 4 times!!!! The culture is simply super human when it comes to
labor. Not a PEEP out of the lady. No meds. No IV. Nothing. Hardly a
groan. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? And Tan was getting lectured by me and I've
committed that under NO circumstances is she ever allowed present at the
birth of one of our children!! The lady was crazy!!! Telling the poor
girl to move and fix her leg and move down etc. I'm like "TANIS SHE"S
10CM!!" no mercy in Zambia lol.

We are just home from the hospital now at 1:40pm getting lunch ready.
I've been there since 8 am so I'm impressed :) I never ever left Tanis
... oh except for this impossible IV she was doing. Not my thing.

At about 2pm I laid on the couch with a book and C came and snuggled up
with me...about 2 minutes later he was fast asleep on Mama. Tan couldn't
believe it! She said they never willingly nap. And nap they did! C
slept for 4 hours and Z about 2.5 hrs. Yes it might be a late night
here. We are on our way to a Bible Study now at 7pm we'll be home at
8pm. Tamaka from Chevuma is on her way here, she is going to 'town' with
us tomorrow. We hope to leave at 8am and we are on our way!

Ok--we are now back from the BibleStudy. Tamako is here and we are
cooking a late supper it is 9pm. This is my last night in Chitokoloki.
We leave at about 9am to head to Solwezi...we will stop at Loloma just a
few hours into our trip for tea break at the hospital. That is where
Tanis spent the first 8 years. We have heard lots about Loloma and are
looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

We plan to arrive in Lusaka Saturday night and spend Sunday there going
to supposedly a really fun market before I fly out on Monday. Tan has
been here 14 years and has never been to this market so she is quite
excited. Tirzah has put in her request for something for Mama to bring
home to her :)

C and Z sat down with me and looked at all my pics today b/c I uploaded
them to Tan's computer. They LOVED seeing them play in the pool etc. It
was very cute.

Still asking for you all to pray for our visit with the social workers
in Solwezi. They did tell Tan they were not so pleased to find out I
have been here a total of 2 weeks...they wanted 3 or 4. Tan explained
again that I have a young family at home overseas and it seemed to calm
some troubled waters. Last thing we need is them ticked off thinking we
did not comply. We told them I would only be coming for 2 wks..but they
seem to forget things. That in itself is less than comforting.

XO from Chitokoloki!

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