Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 5

Of course we ended the night with another BONES. Its just what we do now. :) And I fell asleep watching it...Tan woke me up and sent me to bed and I'm thinking that was the first mistake. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. Several hours of me laying there listing to untold creatures partying above my head. Ewww. I'm actually getting used to it, which is scary in itself. The dogs went wild so I went and woke Tanis up (the most sound sleeper on the planet!!...she has guard dogs and doesn't hear them with they bark for hours on end outside her opened window LOL). She went out ... shut them up...somehow and I was happy. She commented as she passed by that she would never lay in bed for hours waiting to fall asleep and that she had meds to assist me if wanted -- I may take her up on that if it happens again. I finally went and searched the house with flashlight to find a book and her cell. Talking to Dean for a few minutes helped and then I positioned my light under my pillow just sort of shining out so I could read my book but yet not really draw all the mosquitos from the Zambezi River buzzing on my mosquito net! (I got enough of them as it was).
Somewhere in there... I fell to sleep. Tanis came and shut my curtain in the morning and told me to sleep in. I did get up at 8 though.
C and Z ran off to preschool and I was here with Lanni (the housekeeper) Ke Ke and her brother Jacob. Tan was on her way to the hospital but said she'd come back at 9 for me and we'd try rounds again. So I went again this morning and she gave me more of a tour. We went into Maternity hoping to find a woman in labor that I could watch the birth of. There is one but she probably won't deliver til tomorrow so we'll see. Then we went and unpacked a truck from the container. In there was a box of disney cups. Random but made for a fun day for the kids in the hospital. So Tan and I gave them out...was cute. Have some pics of that too. I was FINE!!! Ok.. the scary part is Tan thinks I got used to the smell already.....that is simply terrifying. I said "no it didn't smell today" and she laughed. I know what you are thinking. "it must not be that bad". I'll let Dean give you his opinion when he comes!!! Tanis said lots of medical students from overseas have a horrid first day then second time they don't smell it. How odd is that?!

I got lots of pics of adorable little kids in tattered clothes this morning. Every child is perfectly photogenic b/c they don't smile. They just look at you with these eyes. Those eyes tell a lot. We only know half of it. One of the little girls in hospital today is one of the most beautiful Zambian girls I've ever seen. She had her hair all done and was dressed in burnt'll see when I get a chance to post pics.

Tanis is just home now we are invited out for lunch today. We heard its "local food" being served and when I asked questions all I get are shrugs and laughs and honestly...thats so not reassuring! What is local food I ask...and everyone says "hard to say". F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S

The twins wanted to match matching they are. I would say much of the clothes I sent back with Tan is small. They are 3T. I bought polos at Old Navy for them in 4T and they fit well but knowing me I'd probably buy 5T so its baggier. Pants could never be more than 4t though. Z is sooooooo skinny. I don't know if pants are made that tiny!! Appetites They eat WAY more than our bio kids!! I cannot believe what Tan puts on their plate...and they finish it!!! We had to force a few things peas. Tirzah will be pleased to hear her 'black boys' do NOT like peas. Z doesn't anyway :)

Oh this is funny. They are from a village with no toilet. Sorry. Blunt but no other way to say it. No hole in the ground. Nothing. So yes they simply go squat behind a tree or by the bush. So when Tan brought them here 6 wks ago she is teaching them not only to go but to let her know so she doesn't find random puddles etc around the house. So they will walk up to you and stand there saying PEE. Its quite hilarious. Of course "poo poo poo poo" is much worse. When we finally clue in what they are saying, every time our response is the same "GO RUN" and laughing wondering how we can remove their need to announce publicly what they are fully capable of doing on their own. :)

As I type it is 12:45pm and C is in my room on a chair with his hands folded. Very very strong willed. A quiet strong will but its strong and we're teaching him what it means to obey. I caught him really pushing this boy thats here playing with him so nicely I told C to say "Sorry" No way. Not happening. not yet anyway but it is happening. He just looks at the floor with tears in his eyes. Well that won't work. So we keep putting him on the bed with his hands folded and bringing him back out to try again. This may take awhile. We are even making it exciting in chipper voices saying "say sorry". Its been my battle for the last 10 minutes but now Tan is with me here translating to make sure its clear but she is sure he fully understands me....

side note...I've never thought this on pictures but C (Meleki) has a very very strong resemblence to Tiger Woods. His expressions too. Kinda funny. Ok so think of him as you thought of him 6 months ago!! Looks only, people. He's a good looking guy right? :)

I'll finish this later and hopefully send it tonight. Tan and I bathed Ke ke and Tan put her in an adorable outfit...but its blue and green and is very much boy. So I put a blue and orange head band on her and thats MUCh better. Funny on that topic in maternity this morning there's two new moms side by side in beds and one has a 1 day old baby in a pink floral dress with pink cap on and I'm oogling over her and we look at the chart and see its a boy. So the next bed the baby is completely clad in blue and I said "likely a girl" and it was. Ok...swap outfits already! I can't handle it! :)

This next part was added several hours later:

We took C, Z and keke to the pool. It was very hot-- and the pool wasn't cleaned yet but we didn't care. We all got in, its probably the most I've swam since I got here ... in a dirty pool at that. The boys played tons with me and its super cute. Then Tan, Andrew, Mary Ann and I all played Rook for quite some time. It sucks. I hate Rook. Don't ask me to play. lol. No I'm not a poor loser, I'm just a loser.:)

We came home to power...only to have it very quickly shut off and we're a bit nervous as our generator situation is not that great these last two days. You should know they only have power for 4 hrs a day..and far its lacking. So we do have dim battery lights. And a gas oven. Its definitely a "order-in-pizza" night..Tan and I agree and since thats just downright impossible when you are in the middle of the bush in Zambia...we'll be making it. Which is better than order in anyway. She has black olives. Need I say more?

The boys are now dressed in their fleece outfits Dean and I bought them in Costco just before we came and Oh My Goodness are they cute!!!
There's our power again!!! hmmmm. The boys are running in to watch a movie while it lasts :)
Praying for a good night tonight. I love you Dean. Tirzah, Zion, Azlan and Azahria...I can't wait to smother you all with kisses. Ok too. But this IS a public blog...keeping it PG here! ;)

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  1. Jan, Thanks SO much for posting this blog--ever since I got the FB status that you were on your way, you've been prayed for several times through out the day--sound like you could write a book with so many interesting experiencings. Thanks so much for sharing so much--and can't wait to see the pictures when you get back.
    Give the boys a squeeze from me