Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 4

Ok lets start with last night. Tanis and I are into a routine of ending the night with watching BONES. Seriously its not my favorite show and I'm very critical, annoyingly so, but sometimes I do have to really laugh. Last night we were watching it and all of a sudden I realize I'm just about snoring (no I don't snore...!!) So I get up to go to bed. I get in my hot little misquito netted bed and instantly realize I'm maybe overtired. The dogs are FREAKING out right outside my window...and I call Tanis to go yell at them and she is snoring (she swears she does not snore...I disagree ;). Great. I put up with it for 1.5 I'm seriously wide awake at close to 1am :( Finally somewhere in there I fell asleep.

Tanis wakes me up this morning saying "we really have to get going" ummm I'm not going anywhere without showering!! Seriously the nights are so hot and disgusting here. I shower as she feeds C and Z. This morning there was a baptizm and to my shock ... we were walking!!! :) We take the four wheeler everywhere! It was a long walk...through a buggy path :). The baptism was so neat to watch. For several because a baptism is awesome when someone openly publicly says to the world they belong to Jesus. Thats just plain cool. Secondly...well this was happening in the Zambezi River...which just happens to be croc infested!! Third...the singing in Lunda was awesome. Loved it. Then we all head back up to the church for a worship meeting. C and Z sat beside Tanis and I and they each had one car and were extremely well behaved. A lot of bonding happened in that 1.5 hours!! They cuddled with me the whole time :)

We came home and made a big pot of something and went out to the village to deliver it to needy families. (there are many. You have no idea). I took lots of pics and especially of one family and their house. A family from MB just sent the money to pay for the house so we want to send them pics. This is a brick house with straw roof and 2 bedrooms. For $750. Can you think of a better way to spend $750 USD?? I don't think I can. Wow.
We came home, Tanis made us a fabulous lunch then we put the boys to bed for a nap since Sunday evenings are a bit long. Tanis and I watched another BONES and then played Scrabble which is never that fun playing with Walkers because they just somehow also kick your butt. BUT today we were neck and neck the entire came!! I was ahead by 2-5 the whole game and in the end Tanis won by 5 pts.

We then headed out to the pilot and his fam's house for singing, testimonies and food. It was very nice.

We are now home, I've witnessed Auntie Tanis give MILITARY STYLE showers to the kids...(I don't have NOTHIN' on her!! :)...and quickly get them to bed. I laughed so hard at her giving the kids a shower.
Our power just went out. so I sit here getting chewed by misquitos under battery light.
Tomorrow the kids have preschool in the morning, Tanis works at the hospital in the morning (I may try again to go without fainting...we'll see)...and go from there.

We leave Wednesday for our trip to really I only have 2 more days here in Chitokoloki. Crazy. Has gone fast however...I was pretty homesick/ family sick today. I sat down and looked at Tan's photo album and they were many pics of our kids...and especially when they were a bit younger. I cried. sob.
I don't fly out til Monday but it looks like we have some fun days ahead when we leave here for our trip and I'm really looking forward to it. It is one of the strangest feelings EVER to be a world away from your family. Very very odd. I feel naked going to the mall without a stroller or a little hand to hold...this is just out of my zone.
Please pray for our trip to Solwezi as we'll be under watch of the social worker and really want this to go smoothly.

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