Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 3

I stayed up late last night despite being exhausted at 8pm local time. I
really wanted to adjust asap and not drag this jet leg out! We let
Z and C stay up late and at bed time C was NOT HAPPY. Definitely seeing
some attitude. We'll worry about that later :) I carried him to the
bathroom and insisted he show mama how he brushes his teeth because I
simply have not seen that (from him anyway!). That seemed to distract
him, then it was jammas, and making their mattress on the floor for
bed. Tanis prays with them in Luvale at bed time...I think I need to
record it...they may want to hear that a few times. :)

Then Tan and I cam out to the living room and we had the battery charged
to the laptop and she was quite elated to discover her BONES series
worked on her computer. She thought it wouldn't b/c of the region.
Anyway..we sat down with some chai green tea I had brought her and ...
after a search in her pantry for chocolate (I was in withdrawal!!) I
found a giant bag of Costco peanut M&Ms. Perfect. We watched 1 show and
I was seriously having to hold my eye lids up. I realized I was too far
gone when I was annoyed at someone laughing in my yes...I had
fallen asleep. I was happy it was after 11pm so I went to bed. A much
better sleep. I slept til 6am. I woke and knew I was up...I was wide
awake so I got up and got ready for the day.

I then heard Tan's phone ringing...couldn't find it...but it was
bellowing out Michael W Smith so eventually I did and it was Dad
Walker. That got Tan up. Then I kept hearing someone knock on the
door...I go check and it was baby Ke Ke!! Ok so I'm getting attached to
my little afro baby girl!! I took her from her sister (maybe 13 yrs...?)
and she was smelling pretty bad. I played with her for a bit but
couldnt' handle the smell much longer. Meanwhile Tan had to go do rounds
at the hospital for a few hours. I went and gave Ke Ke a bath which I
must say she did NOT enjoy LOL :) Then got her a clean cloth diaper and
found her an adorable baby gap terry yoga suit in hot pink for her to
wear :) That along with baby Azahria's crocheted headbands I had
brought...perfect. I put lotion in her hair (thanks Sandi--the renew
did WONDERS for her afro!) and it turned into silk. Looked so cute! I
went and put her in her box. Yes ... Tan has her a box she sleeps in.
She wailed. But Tan wasn't there to save her ;) I let her wail for 5
minutes...with a plan. Picked her up and she fell asleep in my hands
instantly. So I put her back and she has now been sleeping 3 hours and I
hope to get another hour or two before we need to go out.

Meanwhile C and Z woke. C calls me Mama. Its the best :) He wakes with
this huge smiling saying something in Luvale but Mama was in there :) I
got them dressed---ok their bright colors I bought them in Tricities
look so cute on their dark dark skin. Fed them breakfast and then...I
brought them out a package of 5 hot wheels. Wow. That gave them about 30
minutes of playing before there was another knock at the door. This time
it was my suitcase that came home with Mr and Mrs Hannah in the car b/c
there was no room in our small plane for it. I instantly could tell
something was wrong b/c my suitcase was rather empty. :( I was very very
ticked to find my brand new tripod that my sister Jocelyn bought for me
for Christmas was gone. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Tanis said it would
have happened in London. She said it happens pretty frequently though
she has never had it happen to her. I was really was so
perfect for my trip. Other things are missing I can tell by how empty
my suitcase is but honestly I can't remember what else was in there..!!
Tan's powdered milk and fan was there so that was good. As well as a
bunch of baby layette that I had brought. Annndddd...Zion and Azlan
should know that Z and C were in heaven when they opened the hot wheels
semi trucks they bought them!!!! I wish I had it on video but I was the
only one here. Their mouths dropped WIDE open. Z chose the green one
and C the grey. That gave us 2 solid hours of them very quietly playing
trucks and cars. Its very very cute. When Auntie Tanis came home they
were estatic to show her what Mama gave them. They LOVED the canvases
that Tirzah Zion and Azlan painted for them and Tanis said she'll put
them up on the wall :)

We now have power for an hour so the boys are watching Barney as Tanis
just got called into an emergency surgery and Ke Ke is still sleeping.
We'll be having lunch soon and then we are going for a walk in the
villages. I can't wait. Every time we drive through the villages on
the 4 wheeler I say I want to walk through here. Lots of pics to
follow. I should say I have not seen ONE "not cute" Zambian child!!!
They are so beautiful. They all just stand there in their tattered
clothes and bare feet staring as you walk by.

It is extremely hot here today. The plan after our walk is to go the
pool and a couple is providing chili for dinner so it should be a fun

added later: Tan's emerg surgery lasted way longer than planned so no
walk to the village today. So we ended up going right to the pool where
almost everyone met and we had dinner there. was a nice evening.

After watching Bambi C and Z have just been put to bed . C immediately
covered his head and when we pulled the sheet away we could see tears.
He simply does NOT like going to bed. attitude just tears.

Tomorrow morning before church there is a baptism in the river (Zambezi

Happy Saturday to you all!

Janice--with C and Z who are smiling at Mama more every hour :)

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