Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 11

My last full day in Africa.

We woke to a beautiful morning at our 'resort'. I was up way too early...what's new? Sleep deprived would be putting it mildly for me this trip. I was happy when I would get 5 hours sleep a night. And it was never uninterrupted. I woke several times throughout the night. At our resort I slept with the boys :) It was a bit risky for a few reasons but one being they have never been in a bed Tanis was pretty sure they would roll off. Not at all. They just rolled towards me :)

We all got ready and headed out to the dining area for breakfast. Some strange things happened....

first of all....we saw some staff walking down the street with a platter of our breakfast. ....? I guess they cooked it at home. Odd. :) Then while I was most enjoying my toast since bread seemed to be non existent at Tanis' house ;) I reached into the napkin folded around our fresh toast for one more slice...only to see a very alive, very big, very black, very moving BUG (beetle like under the toast IN the napkin. I don't think I was breathing well because Tanis kept saying "breathe Janice, breathe..." she had no idea just how controlled my reaction was!!! She is terrified of mice/rats I'm terrified of bugs/spiders/flying things. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So I was quickly 'full' and took the boys to the pool. Again the pool was cloudy because of rain the night before but GORGEOUS@!!! Ok these boys are FISH. Fearless Fish. Yup. Incredible. They love it!! We swam for a while, sometimes cold as the sun would be clouded over but when it came out we fried.

We then packed up and headed on our way. We were happy to see we got a 20% discount b/c it was a weekend ....(??) so including our very nice dinner the night before...and breakfast (minus large black critter in toast)...and our sleep it came to about $50 USD each. beat that!

We headed on our way to Lusaka~! Interesting city. Chingola was much prettier to me...Lusaka seemed so crowded. We went to Tanis' favorite place for lunch, was very nice. Especially my mocha milkshake ;)

We after a few stops, headed to the market. Ok...this was F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.! After sticking with Tan for a bit seeing how tough she was with bartering, I was ready to go!! I bought several things for our African living room, gifts for the children etc. Tanis suprised me with a GORGEOUS late Christmas gift. I had said how much I loved this huge Giraffe bench...then I see her coming towards me with it. How in the world was I going to get this home...? Hilarious!!! I was so excited about it!

We ate lunch there, it was very nice. It was such a different culture than "in the bush". Very westernized. Couples sitting together,holding hands. Women wearing jeans.

We stayed there several hours til I had finished shopping, pretty much :) We then got pizza and headed to the Flying Missions Guest House where we would be staying for the night. Mary-Anne (the pilot's wife from Chitoloki) was there with her children so it was nice to visit with her. The packing began. And...the serious job of wrapping our gift from Tanis!! We had to get up very early for my flight.

Z was not himself tonight. He cried all through his shower..just cried. He did get a little bump but Tanis said he's tough and rarely cries unless he's very very hurt. She wondered if it was a combo of tiredness and knowing Mama was leaving the next day. He had asked Tanis several questions about my leaving during the day.

I slept relatively well...all things considering.

We were up early and packed the car. Loaded in...only to find...the car had no power. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. We tried push starting it...yes Tamako and I pushing go. So Tamako ran into the house to wake Mary-Anne and ask for her vehicle. Seriously. Never a dull moment here. We reloaded and were on our way. Z was so extremely touchy and cuddly the whole way to the airport. He was rubbing my arms and snuggled up completely. C kept staring at me like I was going to disappear before his eyes. I was sad. Yet happy. Strangest emotions.

We said good bye at the gate...Z gave me a long, warm hug. He's so much like Zion. Then there's C. Too funny to give a serious hug :) But I watched them look at me for a long time. Especially Z. They both said "I love you" and I was on my way. I told them I'd be back very very soon to bring them home with me.

There you have it! I boarded my plane for London. It was very empty. Lots of space to stretch out. You know I didn't sleep. 10 hours. I napped maybe 45 minutes or so.

It was pretty bumpy and at times I noticed myself quite tense. I'll tell you with these 2 trips to Africa, God is keeping me on my knees. I was very relieved to land in London. I honestly did not enjoy the flight at all :( In London I met up with Melody...a friend from Canada who has been living there the past 5+ years with her family. She had her sweet baby Christopher with her. Oh-important note...long story kept very short...I was wearing a short sleeved shirt with flipflops and no carryon. Yah. London is not exactly Africa. People were looking at me like I was a tad crazy.

We had a nice dinner at Melody's house with her sweet family then off to bed. I again had a difficult time falling to sleep. But once asleep, slept better than I had been.

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  1. I enjoyed your trip with you but so happy and relieved to have you back home. Next time Dean will be with you and hopefully I wont have to worry so much, Well I guess I won't have time to worry as we will be taking care of the other 4 kids. I am looking forward to taking care of my grandchildren and can't wait to meet Z and C. Loads of Love.