Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 10

Day 10 in Africa. My second last day. It started with leaving Sharon's
house and getting on the road. Our first stop was Kitwe~where we
stopped for food. We had these grilled chicken and veggie wraps, the
boys had chicken and fries. We ate on the road. Then we went to where the boys great aunt was staying for the last
few months at her daughter's house. This has been there main caregiver
for 5 years. I was excited about seeing her. She came out of the house
all smiles and Jacob did smile and go in her arms (Z) but C...not so
much. He wasn't that please when she picked him up anyway. We went
inside the house and were immediately offered Shima.Tan told them we had
just eaten. They said we MUST drink the Coke they had prepared for us.
The daughter's husband works for Coke and gets 86 free bottles a month
:) So we drank our coke, had a little visit, snapped tons of pictures. I
didn't see any bond...she wasn't cuddling the kids nor were they
gravitating towards her. I asked for some pics with me as well as we
left. Their comments while we were there were: we appreciate how much
you care for these boys and how they will now get a good education in
america. She did say that our family and her family have both been
equally responsible for raising the twins and they she hopes they will
always remember their home country, Zambia, and their biological family.
Tanis told her she was glad to hear that because I have said the same
thing. We plan to go back with our whole family in a few years and
definitely keep in contact with their family and never forget their
culture. We are even going to try to keep their language up.

We then got back in the car and headed toward our resort. We've heard
great reviews about this place so Tanis decided to try it. Its a full
house on a quiet street. Well manicured lawns, MASSIVE banana tree in
our back yard. We were disappointed that it was so westernized! We kind
of wanted grass roof...very African. Anyway we had several laughs over
it because its amenities were...lacking. Full cable tv...4 channels. 2
are sports, one is news. Full wireless internet and we had no
connection. One tiny towel per person. We headed out for our dinner
and that was gorgeous!!! Dining was outside, dinner cooked over open
fire. The pool was right in front of us and GORGEOUS!! We are looking
forward to a swim this morning.

We did finally get a weak internet connection and were able to video
Skype home to Dean and the children. The emotions of this trip! I
instantly started to cry when I saw them. Its like as a mom I have this
fear I will forget them. I stare at pictures of them all everyday as if
it could be true. I simply cannot wait to be home.

I decided to sleep with C and Z last night. They have never slept on a
bed. Ever. Tanis didn't think it was a good idea but I thought now was
as good of a time as any :) They were fine. Thrashed around a bit but
nothing I'm not used to with Zion and Azlan ;) They are still sleeping.
Tanis just got up.Its a GORGEOUS morning which we are excited about b/c
often the morning will be rainy. We have to leave at 11:30 or so. We
have a 45 minute drive to Lusaka and we are looking forward to going to
the big market there this afternoon. This is my last day with the twins
and let me say...its been better than I could have imagined. Try
bonding in 2 wks with 5.5 year old boys that speak another language!! I
think they have done well. We all have. They will put my hand on their
arm or I'll notice them rubbing my arm. If I look at them, its over :)
They are boys after all. I have not seen Z (Jacob) smile so much even
on pictures he's always serious. He is laughing constantly. They were
very excited to see Tirzah, Zion, Azlan and Azahria on video lasts
night!! The kids were so cute saying "HI c and z!" :) Its going to be
quite the day when they officially become our children.

I fly out of Lusaka at 8:50 am tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to
seeing Melody and Simon in London and staying the night with them.

One last day in Africa. Hard to believe.


  1. Hi Janice - I've been reading your blog... and though you won't likely read this until you're home safely, just wanted to say I will be praying for your flights home... so glad your 2 weeks have gone so well! hugs
    Janna F

  2. So excited for you!

    -Christi & The Lifesong Staff