Friday, January 15, 2010


So I did go back to sleep this morning at 4ìsh or so...til 6ish. When Tanis was gone to the hospital it was quite horrible I must say because the creatures above my ceiling came alive. Ok..You have no idea. It sounds like a RODENT FARM...AHHHHH. Rats...I`m sure they are there. They were loud and chewing and it got so bad I had to put a sheet over my ear and kept crunching it to try to make sounds louder than the above mentioned creatures. I slept with the flash light in hand LOL I`m not sure what that would do but it gave me a good feeling.
We all got up and I got the boys dressed for school. Their school uniforms are HUGE. Seriously don`t know how those pants stayed on this morning, even with a belt :) Breakfast was pancakes and there were 2 extra children...Tanis is like the mission orphanage and I think its awesome!!! Little Ke-Ke and her brother Jacob were here this morning. So we got the boys ready for school and were there on time (impressive for two Walker women!). Said goodbye then we headed to the hospital. I had Ke Ke in a baby sling (was quite at home with that :). We went to do `rounds`starting in the mens wing. Ok. ... how do I say this...nicely....the smell was OVERWHELMING. A warning would have been fabulous. So I instantly decided breathing through my nose in this hospital was simply not an option. But...I was also overwhelmed with the heat (ahhh!) and the sicknesses. Some were really bad. And I began fighting dizziness...finally at the last moment I grabbed Ke Ke out of the sling, gave her to Tan and bolted out of the room...hardly seeing a thing as I went!!

An hour later we decided to complete the rounds on the childrens wing. Baby in sling again and this was wayyyyyyyyy worse for me. It was so hot and soooo sad to see all the little children and it got bad. Some children were deathly ill and I knew my stomach was flipping. Sooo...I waited to much so they had to get me on the bed quickly with my feet in the air...with Ke Ke still strapped to me. sighh...yah...I made it through one year of nursing if you can imagine!!!

After picking the boys up from school and lunch we packed up the truck with us and a family in the back and headed to Zambezi (50 kms away). That ride was one of the best in my life. I laughed so I could NOT beleive this was the road. Seriously. Oh My Goodness. Seatbelts...what is that!! THe boys were sitting in between us and it was quite the day. We were helping this family move to Zambezi.
After we came home we went for a four wheeler ride in the POURing rain...C and Z were having a great time. Went and saw Mr and Mrs Clark at Shawn and Rhonda`s house then came home to dinner. We are now sitting watching C and Z watch Veggie Tales...quite funny.
A fun day. I feel good today..and am not tired so thats fabulous. Oh yah...its hot. Like inside its way worse because the breeze outside is awesome. I`m already sitting here this could be a long night so hot.

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