Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ok an update!

So Tanis had quite the day on Monday in Solwezi!! She took Z and C with her and also a christian friend that is also a social worker in the area. She couldn't believe their proposal...skip the attorney altogether as everything Tanis has been doing is what the attorney does. (TRUE!!!!) and we have not paid him yet. Sooo...that was interesting. They said they simply want to monitor me with the children for a few wks asap and then will get the ball rolling, saying we could likely come back in Feb to complete the adoption. I'm leaving out a ton of details but the bottom line is I'm travelling to Lusaka, Zambia January 16-30th. (The travel agency closed sooner than I thought today so I didn't get a chance to book it today but will tomorrow morning.) Its with British Airways and layover in London (which I'm hopppiiinnnnng I'll be able to meet up with my childhood friend, Mel and her family in London :).

Want to hear more amazing news?! Ok so late last night I decided to clean a pile of mail on the counter....I just start tossing envelopes of junk in the trash. One of which was our mortgage statement. I pay online so I don't need my statement. Then there was another mortgage statement envelope. Threw that in the trash too. Then thought..."I should check them...thats weird. Why 2 statements in one month!?" I open the first one in the trash and I must have had my jaw on the floor!!!! $2120 refund from our escrow account!!!!!!! I RAN upstairs to Dean who was in the shower and I'm screaming going "You will never ever ever believe whats in my hand!!!" It was such a great moment. All in the same day that I found out I'll be travelling to Zambia in a few weeks!!

The good news continues...we are on a streak ;) The travel agency I'm dealing with that offers special fares for adoptions and mission travel got us a ticket of only $1475!!! Need we say how excited we are about that?
Its a good day.

All in a day that changed our family 2 years ago today. The day Dean's mom passed away so suddenly and tragically on our Christmas vacation at the West Edmonton Mall in AB. Mom and Grandma we miss you and we will never ever forget you. Our kids still ask about you and often ask God to say Hello to Grandma for them. XO

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  1. found your blog today, had to comment on this. what a horrible and shocking day when shirley died. my thoughts are with your family. God speed to you in your adoption (we have adopted 4) and our love to Tanis, wish I could see her in her second home!!! Sandra Knight