Tuesday, December 29, 2009

May be changing my flight...

a bit EARLIER. Long story short but there was a possibility of my dad coming with me and because of prior commitments on his part we looked at bumping up the flight. Am VERY sad to say I think he's NOT coming with me (soooooo bummed as it would have been so much fun just Dad and I to go to Africa)...but it did get me thinking that me arriving home from Africa on Jan 31st and flying out on business on the 2nd of Feb...is not so smart. (always knew that but that was our only option at the time). So I am able to move my flight to the 12th instead...returning 25'ish. I will call Golden Rule (HUGE THUMBS UP!) travel agency and confirm tomorrow.

Just talked to Tanis a few minutes ago and she said that option fits her schedule way better...because the missionary plane is coming to pick up a Canadian family that same day (14th). No. NO. NO!!!!!!! I'm not very excited about flying in the what...4 seater...missionary plane 3-4 hours. Sob. Ok...there's going to be a lot of praying on this trip. Can you tell? I hate flying. And I definitely hate flying 4-6 seater planes.

Then Tanis says...we have no bugs here so that will make you happy. Yes. True. She continues with ..." no bats in the house for the last few days" (I wanted to interrupt)...welll... I can't see them but I can hear them flapping up in the ceiling..." Ok. Can I take sleeping pills every night for 2 wks...? :) Maybe if I curl up to C and Z I'll magically fall fast to sleep. :)

Tanis thinks we won't go to the boys' village this trip we'll save it for when Dean comes (that is, unless Dad joins me...).

The list is now:
sweat pants for the boys.
Size 9 shoes for C.
summer polo shirts in solid colors for the boys.
Chai tea and green chai tea for Tanis
and...sleeping pills by the dozen for Janice :)

All kidding aside...I'm so excited I feel like I'm dreaming. To know you are right where God wants you to be doing exactly what He wants you to do..and He is supplying the need every step of the way....is a peace that is almost tangible. (Hope it sticks around for that missionary plane ride...) ;)

Tonight I'm going to bed praying...that my dad is going to bed praying...that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and that God will work out the details so he can have peace about going with his youngest girl to Africa to see his future grandsons.

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