Monday, December 21, 2009

A January Trip!!!!!!!!

I just spoke to Tanis (middle of the night for her but she was awake b/c C and Z were wired after sleeping all day in the car).... and bottom line to a very long story is I am set to travel in January my pick of dates!! No court hearing...simply me being watched interacting with the twins for 2wk (they want 3 but hopefully they compromise ... ) I've already left a message with the travel agency and we'll see what they have for times/fares etc.

Ok...... THIS IS SO SURREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Janice, I do understand how difficult this is when you are worried about finances. When i adopted Rebekah I had waited over 2 years for her homecoming. I was alone so i worked nonstop for that time and made lots of money. I paid cash for her adoption and also took 3 months off work after the adoption and was able to pay for my 3 months off. When i made the decision to bring Abby home I only had 9 months. I ended up taking a home equity loan out. Remember you will get that money from the government for the adoption, dependent on your income. i know that will not come until after you bring them home but it will help a little. I used that money to pay my home equity loan off. Lois Pike

  2. Janice that is so awesome!!! It will come up so fast. Before you know it, you'll be boarding a flight to Africa to see your sons! Congratulations!!