Tuesday, November 10, 2009


(Last night I stayed up and could reach NO ONE. All numbers were busy or "call back in 2 hours" and it was clear I was to go to bed. I did so. Not so willingly. I really wanted more answers).

So 2 days ago Dean and I are talking about the possibility of going to Zambia soon...and we look up flights. We remember Tanis saying she LOVES flying British Airways as their service is awesome (and they stop in London which is fabulous since I do have a sweet friend and her family that live in London that I'd love to meet up with!). So we go to BritishAirways.com and guess what? Right on the home page there is an offer: Fly with us anywhere we fly between such and such dates and receive a FREE companion flight to use anytime in 2010 when you fly with us again. Ok. SO this is pretty amazing. If I have to go to Zambia...soon...then when we go again one of us flies free!!! It didn't really hit me right aways but then I thought...ok this seems to be for us. Thats pretty amazing!! We are talking a $1600-2000 flight free! I called on it today and got the details and if we fly before Jan 29th then yes we get one free companion airfare anywhere they fly!!

Then today I get a sidekick email from BAirways saying huge slashes in their prices and included in the list was Seattle to South Africa...for quite a discount.

It hit me how often I miss seeing God. I pray and then take the answers for granted too often. It would be sad if in all these 'little things' along the way...I missed God.

We still have no idea whats happening ...if/when we go. If I can go instead of both of us (which with having 4 small children at home would be awesome if Daddy could stay home with them)...we know nothing except the only thing that matters here--this is God's. These precious boys are His and we are simply the ones He is using. The more we realize that the more humbling it is. I absolutely love love the verse in John 14. Verse 18 says "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you". I read it on a friend's adoption blog recently and it brought tears to my eyes.

We are also trying to put together a little fundraiser. Perhaps a Krispy Kreme fundraiser to help raise the funds for some of the adoption expenses. This too has been very humbling for us. I think there's a part of me that wants to say "we did this". "We worked hard and WE adopted these children". The further we go in the process the more I realize its really not about us at all. It quite frankly has nothing to do with us. I'm excited to see what God will do!

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