Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spoke with Mulenga (attorney)

I finally reached Mulenga and its only 10:30pm!! Maybe it will be an early night! I told him I received his email and that I was in contact with Musenge "yesterday morning" (last night) and stated that only I am required to come for the initial visit. I asked who makes the decision and he said "Oh absolutely, she does". So therefore we are clear that only I am required to go! This is fab news as Dean can be home with our children and wellll that saves a lot of hassle :)

I asked Mulenga when we could know the committal hearing date by and he said we should definitely have a date in a few wks when I am to come. I can't even say how exciting that moment will be!!

For now we are waiting to hear how it goes on Monday with Tanis and Mr. Chrissy (his preferred name) visiting Jacob and Meleki in the village.

Also we got the go-ahead from "LifeSong" today that we can apply for a grant and see if they approve us. (we needed the go-ahead since we are adopting independently). This would be awesome if we did get this because people who wished to support bringing our children home by giving financially would receive a receipt for tax purposes and LifeSong may match a portion of the gifts we receive through them up to $4000! So we hope to have that application filled and in the mail by Friday morning.

Still looking into the Krispy Kreme fundraiser and waiting to hear if our church will do it under their non-profit name.

We have so much to be thankful for and so much to pray about. Can I say how completely over-the-moon excited we are?! I cannot believe this lifelong God-given longing to adopt children from Africa is actually happening. I'm humbled. And overwhelmed that He would choose as a family for these precious boys.

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