Monday, November 23, 2009

Sister Sombo

So Tanis (aka Sister Sombo) is now the guardian of our boys! Even though the courts do not require it she wanted to foster them so they could learn English. Saturday Tan got a knock on her door and it was the boys with their g. aunt! She was "going into town to live with her daughter" and wanted someone to take care of the boys! Soooo it worked perfectly. (side note...I can't wait for Tanis to send us some pictures b/c we sent her home with a massive suitcase of clothes -- both new and some from Zion and Azlan--and I'd LOVE to see them wearing the little clothes we bought!).

So today Tanis brought the boys, with their g.aunt and their bio dad to Zambezi district Social Welfare office to meet the social worker. Tanis said it was quite insane how the man almost sounded like he was pressuring the aunt to NOT give them up. But she was very firm that she could not provide for them. Three hours later (!) and 2 bored little boys later....they were done. The bio dad and g.aunt signed relinquishment letters in the social worker's presence and Tanis made a date of next Wednesday to go to the village with the social worker.

We are praying to have a court hearing date soon so we can plan (whats that?!) and get a flight etc.

Tanis said she has hired a teacher to start teaching the boys their ABC's , 123's etc. Today they earned "A" :) She later heard them in the bath singing at full volume YES IN ENGLISH "Dare to be a david..." she couldn't believe it! Just from hearing it in sunday school. She put them on the phone last night to say "Hi how are you" and it was the cutest thing ever. Sounded like those adorable little voices from African Childrens' Choir :)

I just love you Jacob and Meleki. Cannot wait to bring you home.

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  1. awww that is so sweet... God bless you all!! this is going to be ur best bday ever!!!! *hugs*