Thursday, November 5, 2009

I need Your help.

God-I need Your help.

Tanis calls me today and says she spoke with our attorney in Lusaka on Thursday and the problem they are facing is that while she can foster the children, etc....they need Dean and I to appear in court for the committal hearing for her to foster them for 90 days. Then we go home and come back again when its time to bring them home.

Ok. Thats kind of a big deal. Especially since the lawyer says we may have to go in a few weeks.

Tonight I'm sitting here at 11:30pm with everyone in the house sleeping....making some calls.

I called the lawyer, call back in a few hours.

I called the Consular at the US Consulate in Lusaka, she is in a meeting call back in an hour.

I called Tanis, we spoke. Talked over some things.

I called the Social Welfare department in Lusaka who I am told, makes the decision on the fostering. She was blunt and not that friendly. She told me "this won't work you MUST come live here for 3 months". I told her we simply don't think we will be able to pick up our family and move to Zambia for 3 months. She proceeded to tell me what if I get home and don't like the children. Ahhhh. I told her we are committed to these children and will do what it takes to make sure they are loved, accepted and nurtured. Finally after asking several times if I am white... (?) and if the children are Zambian and black (...?) that she will speak to her chief and to call her in a few hours or Monday.

sigh. I will not feel overwhelmed because I know. I know. I know, God, this is Yours. I'm not seeing the light here but I know this is what You told us to do, so please show Yourself. We need to see You.

We will do what we must do to bring our children home. Until God shows us otherwise, clearly, we will continue to search for answers and solutions.

Please pray for our family and our boys in Zambia.

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