Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Email from our attorney

I just received this email this morning from our attorney:

Dear Tanice,

I hope you had a safe flight back to Zambezi.

Further to our discussion on 5th November 2009, I am writing to confirm that it will be imperative for Dean and Janice to travel to Zambia prior to the children being committed to their care for the statuory 3 months period.As I indicated in our meeting, this requirement for the parents to come to Zambia prior to the commital order, has been insisted on by the American consulate at the embassy in Lusaka. With the Canadian families for whom we have carried out adoptions through Kids -Link international, the prospective adoptive children have been commited to fostering in the hands of an orphanage or other third party. In effect Dean and Janice will be required to travel to Zambia twice in order to conclude the adoption of the twins.

However in view of the fact that Dean and Janice are probably both in full time employment, they will only be required to stay for at least 1 - 2 weeks so that they can make initial contact with the children prior to the commital order. They can then return to the states and come back to Zambia after 3 months in time for the granting of the formal adoption order.

Kindly be guided accordingly and kindly confirm the transfer of the initial deposit required for the adoption process.



It looks like my late nights are not quite over yet and I will be staying up tonight to call both Mulenga and the Consular to verify what the social workers are saying that only I am required to come for the initial visit.

Please continue to pray.

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  1. my word, iam in tears for you!! May everything go smooth from here out. Wish I could come with you. My heart will always be with Zambia....I will continue to pray for you and your boys. Crystal Questad