Monday, May 4, 2009

So excited!!!!

So I stayed up last night and called 4 Zambian lawyers! How exciting to actually talk to somebody in Africa! The first lawyer assured me he deals with adoptions but wouldn't give me any information over the phone just said he would email me. 

The next one I stayed up as late as I could because it was 8am in Lusaka and she said the lawyer was not in yet but to try in an hour. That would have been 1:45am or so and I tried to stay awake, but failed.  

I woke this morning and called back--now 4:30pm Lusaka time.  I got to speak with a gentleman that DEFINITELY knew about adoption!!! He asked me several questions like 'are you married'? 'working?' "US citizen?" etc.  Then he said he would email me a detailed list but was kind enough to give me some details:

-He said the entire process would be 3 mths TOPS! (so exciting!!!)
-He said yes the country does require a 3 mth foster period but that they have been known to waive it or let someone like our sister Tanis to foster them with provided proof of relationship to us.  He said that when adopting from an orphanage, the orphanage itself can act as the 'foster parent'.  
-He said entire cost would be about $5000 including lawyer and court fees etc. (homestudy fees and travel costs of course would be extra).
-He did stress having a letter written by the children's caregivers stating their wish to relinquish the children also stating that they have not been paid or coerced in any way.
-He said though doubtful the family has birth documents, he can access them through the department of health.

So now we'll be putting our homestudy process in high gear and then applying for the I600A document and hopefully we'll be well on our way.  If you think of us and our precious boys in Africa, please pray.  

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