Monday, May 4, 2009

Email from attorney #1

I actually just received an email from the first attorney I spoke to last evening. Since adoption in Zambia seems to be so rare and going independently (without the use of an agency) I want to provide a step by step process (I have searched and searched online for someone else's detailed journey and have not found it) as a resource for others.

Here is the email:

Our Reference:  M/614/NCH/tkc

Reply to our Lusaka Office

28 April 2009

Janice Walker


Dear Madam


Thank you for your instructions.

We confirm that the firm will be pleased to act for you upon the terms set out in this letter and our terms of engagement enclosed herewith.

Our understanding of your requirement

We understand that you require us to prepare an opinion for you on the process and the necessary steps to facilitate your adoption of twin orphan Zambian boys. 

Conduct of the matter

Our aim is to provide you with legal services of the highest quality.  To achieve this, it is important that we share an understanding of the basis on which we shall provide services to you.

Our services to you will entail:

The rendering of an opinion to you setting out, among other things, the legal process for the adoption of children in Zambia and what will be required from you and the current care giver.


Our fees are governed by the Legal Practitioners Act (CAP 30 of the Laws of Zambia), the Legal Practitioners (Costs) Order 2001 and the Legal Practitioners (Conveyancing and non-contentious matters) (Costs) (Amendment) Order 2001.

We will require a deposit of US$1000 (before Value Added Tax and bank charges) which is our standard charge for a legal opinion/legal advice.  Should you require for us to proceed to take the necessary steps to effect the adoption, time will form the basis of all future charges.  We advise that the following hourly rates will form the basis of our charges to be applied in the conduct of litigation matters on your behalf; the firm will also charge for care and skill, VAT and disbursements in addition to the hourly rates listed:


US$ 150



We will then send you monthly bills for work done in the preceding month.  Please note that all bills must be settled within thirty days after delivery of the same and we would be obliged if this were adhered to, to enable us continue providing you with efficient and timely service.


MNB is under a strict professional duty of confidentiality to you in respect of your matter.  The only exceptions to this are where you authorise us to disclose information; where we are required to make a disclosure under applicable regulations or legislation;  where the information is already within the public domain.

You agree that we are authorised to disclose that you are a client of the firm and that we have acted for you on any matter where information about that matter is in the public domain and on any other matter where you consent to such disclosure.

I would be happy to discuss with you any queries you may have on the contents of this letter.  If you agree with the contents I would be grateful if you would confirm agreement by signing and returning to me the enclosed copy.

Yours faithfully


Nchima Nchito


I have read and understood the contents of this letter and agree to the terms contained herein.

Signed: ---------------------------------------------  Date:-------------------------------------------

Janice Walker

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