Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Definitely a heart pounding moment.

This morning I called a local attorney to ask him some questions about immigration. He stated very confidently that you cannot by any means get a child into the country without having fostered them for 2 years in their own country. (!!!) I questioned him stating 'how do so many other families adopt without doing that?" he said "the agency provides your ticket out of that law". Then my heart skipped a beat. I don't believe we could adopt these children with an agency b/c they are not in an orphanage.  

Dean said "Janice you know that God can overrule this--don't be stressed about it". I called USCIS the immigration office and he explained everything and with a smile said 'no...what that law means is the child will be immigrated into the country no problem but they will not become a permanent resident of the US until we have had custody of them for 2 years" BIG difference!! So all is good. He recommended I file the I600 instead of the I600A since we have already identified the children that we wish to adopt.

If you read this-we hope that you will pray for our family on this journey. And pray for these precious children in Zambia.

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