Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is the time of day when I will have progress in this process. I'm so tired. BUT I did get to speak to the lawyer in Lusaka twice in 10 minutes! I don't know if I was at all coherent...

So now we need to pray for the next step.  The first step with her is to deposit $1000 into their account for their legal advice, at this time they will start the file.  She told me what she wants detailed in the email to her and she will work on it now but she will not send it to me until she has that $1000 to their office.  

Ok.  So here's where God comes in. Bigtime.  Though our process is much less expensive than adopting through an agency~every step right now seems to be about $1000.  

We are ready to move forward and are praying about when we can do this next step.

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