Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Study.

So the faith aspect of adopting children kinda freaked me out a little and ... I ... regrettably decided to go with some logic. We had not heard back from Tanis with news from a local Zambian Attorney whether this was looking feasible or not and I had the homestudy booked for Saturday March 14.  I called and cancelled the appointment. Like reasonable is it to dish out $1000 for something that  almost seems fanciful at this point. There's little happening in the 'action' sense of things that is moving this forward so no kidding...if you are going to sprinkle a little bit of 'wisdom' on top of this faith experience...then definitely you need to cancel the Homestudy until things are moving along more...right? See thats what I thought.

That was Saturday.

Saturday night at 9:30pm we called Tanis. It was Sunday morning in Zambia and she was making pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes the 'wow what a small world' idea hits you. We just pick up the phone and call AFRICA?!    Dean was sitting at the computer talking to her as I was cleaning kitchen. It was on speaker so I could hear. She says "I'm glad you'll never guess who came to visit me" and I'll be honest my first thought, though only split second, when she said "I'm glad you called" was "WOW she has an answer!!!" then when she said "you'll never guess who came to visit" I thought "oh. must be visitors from Canada or something" and I turned back to do the dishes. Then she says "yesterday I got a knock on my door and it was the TWINS!!! With their great aunt (their caregiver). She walked 8kms with them, holding them and a basket on her head to visit for a few hours. Coincidence that Tanis hasn't seen them in 6mths and they come 'out of the blue' to visit her the same day I go weak on the faith aspect of this journey and cancel my Homestudy...? I immediately regretted doubting God. Hasn't he shown me pretty clearly this is HIS idea? His work? He'll work it out? "oh ye of little faith..." ahhh thats me. 

So Tanis of course invited them in. She talked quite a bit with their great aunt and asked again if they were still trying to get someone to adopt the boys. She said yes, desperately. Tanis then mentioned that her brother and his wife (us) were looking into it and she wanted her to know that if that did happen b/c of the distance between us there is a chance they would never see the children again. She said that is perfectly ok, its what must be done to give them more than they can be given in their poor village--they are neglected and extremely malnourished. The closest relative is their grandmother's sister and she is older and simply cannot care for them properly.

Tanis then invited the children to stay for the weekend so that was pretty special. We even got to hear their sweet little voices on the phone! Tanis has taught them how to count in English so in their little African broken english they said "One, two , three, four!" So cute. Definitely was an emotional moment.

We are so blessed. This is God's plan, His work and we are just trying to be used of Him.  

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