Saturday, February 14, 2009

ok...this is all so strange

I'm blogging about something that I have no clue where its going...and yet it keeps going somewhere. I have no idea what the end result will be. I am the only one who knows this blog exists...I just write.


Things that made me stop and think this week:

1) When Azlan's speech therapists were here last wk, out of the blue she asks about adoption. She said she thought she recalled me mentioning that I drempt of adopting a cleft baby. She said she sees another child with a cleft here in TriCities and was telling that mom of Me and Azlan...and when she told the lady how I wish to adopt a cleft baby that other mom cried and was so touched.  Ok so am I being reled down the cleft road...? 

2) THEN Tanis called last night. We talked and near the end of the conversation I asked about these precious little twin boys that she cared for for a while and thought of adopting. This is now a few years ago and I've not heard anything about them since. She said she still thinks someone needs to adopt them as they are not in a good situation. She then added on "I would even adopt them and if someone in Canada or US would care for them..." and carried on. I stopped. I didn't even hear the rest of the conversation. I completely knew this was God's answer for us. Here I am spending so much time looking into India, Thailand, Ethiopia. I didn't even know you could adopt out of Zambia. I never gave it a millisecond of thought. 
 I brought it up to her with a bit of background as to how we feel led by God to adopt...sooner than later. She was quite excited and said she would research how it could be done!!

ahhhh ok...huh? The whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. Wow. This is such a faith journey and we are just taking it from God. We do know that He is starting this and we will need His help to complete it. 

Its so great to know God is in control .

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